Health Coach Oralia 04

As far back as I can remember, I have ALWAYS been a picky eater.  Add to that the fact that there were so few choices that my mom would prepare, that I often did without, or, I ate out.

One of the first recollections I have of eating out is when I was a little girl at a diner with my parents.  I remember as though it were yesterday, ordering hamburger and French fries.  I also remember my dad’s disappointment in my order “you’re going to order that again,” yes, I did, because I like it!  (To this day, hamburgers and French fries (which I don’t eat often) are still some of my favorites.

Throughout my childhood, there were only a few foods mom made that I enjoyed.  I remember liking really thin “breakfast” steak, mashed potatoes and gravy from a packet you mix.

I remember all the times mom prepared food and how I just didn’t like it…so off we’d go to get  KFC or a hamburger and fries.

This difficult relationship with food looked like me being rail thin as a little girl — to all sorts of serious stomach issues.

Later in life, these stomach issues severe enough to prompt my return from Italy, and then France 25 years ago.

While in Italy I often joked that I should “subscribe” to neighborhood ER.  Every visit I made for stomach issues and severe abdominal pain prompted a 500mg injection of Zantac — which  relieved the pain, put me to sleep and rendered me unable to function for part of the following day.  This was no way to live!

But it wasn’t just the pain that was the problem.  It was also the nausea, diarrhea, colic, and vomiting.

Despite my sense of humor throughout all of this, it was still a problem that was diminishing my livelihood.

Eventually, I left Italy and moved to Paris, France — where my sojourn was interrupted by yet another ER visit.  This time the attending ER suggested surgery!  That really scared me!

I took the next available flight back home but wasn’t in a better position after arriving here.  With no insurance, and no one that could tell me what was “really” going on, I was left to wander on my own.  And that I did…

I found a local chiropractor who started to point me in the right direction, but it would be many years later before I could fully grasp parts of what was occurring with my body and my health. 

And thus I started to delving into my health problems and concerns.

I had not fully addressed my stomach problems and other health concerns so when I entered menopause and I felt like I was really losing it.  I started to gain weight, which I attributed to “getting older” (weight gain is not normal, but is common), and I was becoming more and more depressed.

There were days when I didn’t want to get up, much less continue living. I was also unable to work as my mind was not fully functioning.  By 9 a.m. my lack of focus kicked in and it was downhill from there. 

It took me many years and much meandering, frustration, and quite a few doctors including several FM doctors to put the picture together.  And I am still working on it.

Health is a never ending journey of self discovery and we are/should be always working on our health and well being.  As we grow in age, different parts of our body require our attention and care.  This is something all holistic doctors agree on.Additionally, we are always discovering new parts and functions to this amazing miraculous machine we call the human body. 

Our bodies didn’t come with an instruction manual and ultimately, it is up to us to learn how to best operate our body and our mind.

And yet…

There are so many things that can be done when it comes to your body to improve your overall health — and that is where I step in as a health coach.  I have protocols you can follow that will help you set a new baseline for your health.

Please keep in mind that our precious miraculous bodies don’t follow doctor’s textbooks or classic examples. Attaining vibrant health is a multi-faceted approach.  To know, use and assist our bodies in any way we can to reach the level of health we desire is our responsibility and choice.The “Health” part of my coaching may lead you to believe that you are addressing only the health part of your life; nothing could be further from the truth!

As you start to feel better, you will start to think, do and BE better.  You will step into the better version of yourself that will allow you to reach your targets and goals with more ease and clarity.

In the end, everything can work to our advantage if we allow it to contribute to us.   This means no judging ourselves, moving forward and, could also include working with a health coach.  Personally, I can see where my “demanding” taste buds have opened up new avenues for healing…

Oh, and when you’re shopping for a health coach, always ask if your health coach is working with a coach!  This is a true sign of someone that is interested in continuously growing and sharing their knowledge with their clients.

Our bodies hold infinite wisdom and it’s up to us to unveil the mysteries it holds.  Working with a health coach is one of the best ways I know this can be accomplished.

Remember, health isn’t a destination, it’s a life long journey.