Limitless You

This 90-day custom program is tailored specially for YOU! We will focus on your specific requirements and respect your bio-individuality.
Here’s what you can expect:

Rediscover food...

…and how it feels in your body.  Every time you eat you food is giving your body information.   You will discover what foods are telling you, which ones to avoid and which ones to include.

You’ll discover foods that energize you and which ones rob you of energy so you don’t have to wander in the “what shall I eat” desert.  

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Nourish yourself...

via your habits!  Learn which ones to eliminate — and why so you’ll know what to avoid and replace them with new habits.  Oh, and you will love the new habits — I promise!

You’ll find out how to easily replace foods that don’t fuel you.  (Oops!  Did I forget to there are excellent replacements?  Silly me!)

You’ll discover how to FUEL your body (Vroom, Vroom) for optimal performance.  

Homeplay and restore...

you’ll be very involved in this program and engaged in homePLAY that will make this fun and sustainable so you can stay out of overwhelm!

We’ll also look at a BETTER way to interpret what’s happening in your life and I’ll invite you to ask questions that will bring you awesome awarenesses that will stop you from holding yourself back?

Also, we’ll look at where you’re storing your personal power that is keeping you from being Limitless!

I’ll share with you how to ask yourself powerful questions that will UNCOVER what’s underneath patterns that don’t benefit you and you can choose to destroy and uncreate what’s keeping you stuck! 

12 weekly sessions (50 minutes) focused entirely on YOU via Zoom
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Resources and recommended reading
Quick easy and SUPER Nutrilicious recipes
(yes, you can make these, totally!)