About Me

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Hi, I am Oralia Acosta

As a Certified Health Coach I've become well known as a high quality resource for people who’ve decided to put their health first. Health is very personal.

All of my programs are customized  strategies for every one of my clients to overcome their obstacles to better nutrition, healthy living and a positive body image.

I use the latest technology to help in my coaching practice. In today's fast-paced world, many people I work with have hectic schedules. I stay connected through writing. My articles serve as additional coaching material when meeting one-on-one may be too challenging, or nearly impossible.

As a public speaker with decades of experience, I relish the opportunity to create a talk that meets your needs.  I would love to inspire your audience and empower them to take the first step towards lasting change.

I work with moms, business executives, and celebrities alike to improve their health, weight, and skin by improving their eating habits and I want to help you, too!  

Oralia Acosta

What Do I Offer for Healthy Nutrition?

Here are just a few of the ways I've been helping my clients achieve optimal, vibrant health: